DOCFLOW 2015 Moscow

The 20th DOCFLOW Moscow Conference&Expo will take place in May, 2015.

DOCFLOW is the largest and most representative Russian Conference&Expo dedicated to enterprise content management and document management.

This event is a traditional meeting place for ECM-market key players. It reflects main market trends and provide a wide variety of communication and networking opportunities. DOCFLOW is definitely a «must be» event for developers and suppliers of both software and hardware, system integrators, industry business analysts and consultants.


DOCFLOW themes:

  • Document management;
  • ECM;
  • BPM/Workflow;
  • CRM;
  • Search and indexing;
  • Data capture;
  • Electronic data storage/Repositories;
  • Web content management;
  • Enterprise 2.0;
  • Big Data.

Apply for participation and choose the best format to: DOCFLOW attendees will be able to receive all the necessary information in order to:
  • present companies experience and expertise,
  • show case studies and success stories,
  • find new customers,
  • investigate Russian market and find business partners.
  • select a specific information management solution;
  • learn about latest technologies and solutions in the field of electronic documents;
  • share experiences, assess risks and get advices on how to avoid potential problems during implementation or usage of the system;
  • get practical advice on how to work with the system and how to simplify working with ECM in terms of the company and much more.

Who participates in DOCFLOW?

The DOCFLOW Conference&Expo involves key progressive players of ECM market:

  • developers and suppliers;
  • system integrators;
  • industry business analysts;
  • representatives of industry media and experts;
  • hardware producers;
  • Government and public sector representatives.

Why take part in DOCFLOW?

  • DOCFLOW is the largest and most important ECM event in Russia and the CIS countries. Taking part in this leading event is an excellent opportunity to make your company known and to present your new ECM products and solutions to the Russian market.
  • DOCFLOW is attended by many major ECM players, who may become your new business partners.
  • Each year, DOCFLOW brings together thousands of industry professionals who are interested in deploying ECM systems in their companies. DOCFLOW is the place to look for new customers.
  • The event is a combination of conference and trade show, where visitors can learn about the latest trends in the ECM market, see in action solutions offered by industry leaders, exchange experience, and hear what experts think. DOCFLOW provides a key to understanding the current situation on the market.
  • DOCFLOW is covered by all the leading industry and business publications in this country, presenting you with an excellent opportunity to raise your company's profile.

DOCFLOW has a successful history, and the organizers' experience and professionalism will ensure that the highest standards are maintained and your participation is worthwhile and productive.

Who attends DOCFLOW?

This is a can't-miss event for:

  • Chief Executives,
  • VPs,
  • Directors,
  • Managers of IT, as well as industry professionals
  • business unit/department managers along with government authorities concerned with information and content management issues and solutions.

Chief Executives and VPs, discover how to:

  • Get information into the hands of the people who can use it to make better, faster business decisions.
  • Leverage your company's knowledge assets for competitive advantage.
  • Enable and encourage collaboration and innovation across departments, divisions and companies.
  • Meet current compliance standards.
  • Increase productivity without increasing headcount and overhead.

Directors and Managers of IT, Industry Professionals, and Line of Business Managers, discover how to:

  • Find, use, and share your unstructured data.
  • Get management and end-user buy-in on new technologies.
  • Assess and select the right information and content management products.
  • Justify an information management technology purchase.

Press office

The Conference&Expo DOCFLOW Moscow is significant news-break in Enterprise content management and IT industries.

It attracts interest of the wide range of specialized, business and news media and provides them with the latest market trends and analytics, with access to the representatives of all leading companies of the market in terms of a large scale communication event.

We are glad to welcome media-representatives on the Conference&Expo DOCFLOW Moscow! In this section you'll be able to download event press-materials, receive accreditation and follow the project press-events program.

The section is being constantly appended. We are always willing to answer your questions, to provide you with organizers' and participants' comments or any other additional information.

For this purpose please don't hesitate to contact PR-manager of the project via telephone +7(495) 783-3700 or via email

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