DOCFLOW Activities

DOCFLOW is the leading project on the market of document management and ECM solutions in Russia and CIS.

Today DOCFLOW is a complex information and analytical project that unites regular industry exhibitions and conferences, webinars, web-portal, educational courses, toolkits and market researches. DOCFLOW provides an efficient communication and networking instruments for vendors, customers, analysts and other market players.

DOCFLOW activities


Industry Eventsand Conferences


DOCFLOW.RU website


DOCFLOW Conference & Expo is the main and largest industry event that attracts opinion leaders from IT industry, government, and professional communities towards advanced best practices in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and related fields.

DOCFLOW Conference & Expo is organized byABBYY a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, linguistic software and professional services, based in Moscow, Russia.


DOCFLOW.RU website aggregates:

  • ECM market news
  • Expert opinions, analytical researches and articles
  • Catalogue of EM market companies, products and solutions
  • Case studies
  • Industry Events calendar
  • Professional Forum
  • Monthly Newsletters

AIIM ECM Practitioner training


ECM Practitioner Training was created by AIIM and localized by DOCFLOW for the needs of Russian market.

AIIM is an international industry association that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information for over 70 years already.

AIIM ECM Practitioner program presents strategies, methods and tools for managing content. In addition, this course provides an overview of key ECM technologies and their business benefits, as well as also how to properly address critical areas like information architecture, metadata and taxonomies.

The ECM Practitioner Course is produced for Business Managers, IT Managers, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, Records Management Professionals, as well as for solution integrators and providers, sales consultants, project managers, and technical staff.




Market Toolkits


ECM market research


DOCFLOW webinars are well-known as the source of actual and useful information about ECM technologies and implementing experience.

Formats: Master-classes, Case studies, Analytical Reports.


Market toolkits on actual theme include:

  • Implementation work-books
  • ECM technologies overviews
  • Expert opinions and advices
  • Best practice
  • Training tools and materials

DOCFLOW researches cover:

  • readiness for ECM implementation
  • faced difficulties in the implementation and chosen ways to overcome them
  • technologies and solutions preferences
  • investment trends


DOCFLOW audience

  • Customers' representatives
  • Vendors, distributors and integrators of ECM Solutions
  • Government, public agencies
  • Independent industry analysts, consultants and media

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