DOCFLOW 2011 Moscow

The 17th DOCFLOW Moscow conference successfully took place at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel on May 18, 2011. This event was devoted to Enterprise Content Management. Over 17 years the conference has established itself as one of the most influential and important events in Russian market of electronic document management systems. The main trends of this market, that were reflected in DOCFLOW, became: solutions personalization for specific business needs and orientation on specific user; spread of mobile technologies and transition from discussion to practice of outsourcing technologies using.

DOCFLOW 2011 Moscow gathered 79 companies and about 1500 visitors. Online broadcast of the key moments of the conference saw about 200 people from Moscow and Russian regions.

Ministry of Communications and Mass Media officially supported DOCFLOW 2011 Moscow conference. Minister Igor Shchegolev and Deputy Minister Ilya Massukh personally attended the event. Mr. Shchegolev made a welcome speech at the Official Opening Ceremony of DOCFLOW Moscow and visited the stands of leading software development companies. Mr. Massukh actively participated in a round-table conference about E-government and electronic state services.

Also John Mancini, President of the International Association AIIM, became a speaker at the Opening Ceremony. He presented a detailed interesting overview of information management world trends. Mr. Mancini also identified the existence of a tipping moment in technological development. Key IT features of the upcoming time, by his opinion, become: «Social, local and mobile».

After the Opening Ceremony, visitors could listen to presentations, devoted to 23 successful implementation projects, or participate in the 5 special vendor sections: 1C, ABBYY, EMC, IBM and InterTrust.

Novelty of DOCFLOW 2011 was a new conference section – Discussing Club – place for panel discussions and round tables. Leading experts took part in this section: Ilya Massukh (Ministry of Communications and Mass Media), Ilya Sapelnikov (Rosreestr), Vladislav Shushunin (Information Technology Center of Nizhny Novgorod region), Konstantin Sinyushin (EMC), Max Lysenko (Terralink), Vladimir Andreyev (Docsvision), Dmitry Romanov (IT), Vasiliy Babintsev (DIRECTUM), Mikhail Kozlov, Dmitry Shushkin (ABBYY Russia), Alexander Gromov (LLC «Odeon-AST»), Anton Salov (Softline), Sergei Yakimchuk (Microsoft) and other distinguished speakers. Discussion topics were innovation in ECM-technologies; tools for increasing of effective corporate information using; and state services. Particular attention was drawn to a round table dedicated to the project of state services realization. One of discussed issues was the role of "Rostelecom" company and the interaction complexities with it.

At the press-conference there were announced the results of ECM-market research, conducted by DOCFLOW in 2010.

In parallel to the conference there was a large exhibition of manufacturers and developers of ECM-systems. A lot of attention was paid to solutions for electronic document management for mobile devices, Internet-portal technology, integration solutions, IT to support business decisions, legally significant document management, outsourcing technologies (SaaS).

Also there were presented «hard solutions»: scanners and office equipment from leading manufacturers to convert paper documents into electronic format. Participants of the exhibition were such companies as: PFU Imaging Solutions A Fujitsu company, IBA, Microsoft, Oracle CIS, 1C, DIRECTUM, ABBYY, EMC, IBM, TerraLink, IT, Docsvision, EOS, and many others.

General sponsor: PFU Imaging Solutions A Fujitsu company
Sponsors: IBA, Microsoft, Oracle CIS
General Informational Sponsor: Interfax
HR-partner: HeadHunter